In his house in R'lyeh dead C'thulhu waits dreaming...

Read the newspaper headlines and guide  your cult to awaken C'thulhu by influencing events on Earth before the time runs out at the end of winter solstice.

Influence current events and increase your cult size. Click on the Patience button to prevent your cult from reaction. Click on the Action button to exert your influence on individual events.

When the outcome of your interference is know, click on the Progress button. To begin click on the Progress button. You have 180 days remaining.

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The headlines are neat. I'm digging the monochrome effect.


Thank you :) We’re happy someone else likes our little nostalgia moment!

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Played a second time, and the sound was immersive with the updates!

Pretty cool to see a game with a bit of complexity in its system, yet still short and easy to play. I like the fact that it is mostly based on intuition. The colors, particle effects, combined with the occult headlines, create a great atmosphere!

Thank you, we're glad you like it :) We will upload a new version with difficulty selection soon - you will be able to play without the "Success chance" helper and your intuition will be even more important.